Personalization done right :: Calculated value exchange

Personalization done right would eliminate the 'one-size-fits-all' business strategy and monetization models. That means there is - 🚫 Low value having an 8:00AM - 8:00PM store timings 🚫 Low value in having a 'primetime' for media/contents 🚫 Low value in supporting channel A, B and C in communication 🚫 Low value in defining free vs. freemium vs. subscriptions vs. transactional vs. hybrid models
🚫 No value defining long term roadmaps for solutions / products / services It would be a calculated value exchange at the right place through the right channel at the right time.

Japan like none other.

Wow, my last post was when my daughter turned 1. She turned 5 this July 4th, so here's a new one after 1.4 years. I visited Japan in May 2018 and here are few interesting views I learnt and caught on camera.Travel I have always imagined all flights to Japan going east via the Atlantic or west via the Pacific depending on the origination location. But it was surprising to me that it flew north over the Arctic! Apparently this route helps both airlines and passengers save few hours and reduce costs (less fuel). It also makes it less of a bumpy ride.

[BOS] -> [PEK] -> [NRT]

Saw this carpet at Narita airport that would disinfect your shoes! An idea that is simple yet effective. This could be a quick and less intrusive way for companies to reduce spread of germs on premise.

Japanese roundabouts are very different from the ones I have seen in the US/other countries. The design to keep the traffic flowing smooth seems to be working. Transportation Transportation punctuality in Japan is u…

Nina turns one!

Been a while since I've posted something here, so here's a small one..  Nina turned one last month so I thought that's an important milestone to record. I can't explain the amount of joy she brings to our home - she is one lil Happy feet.

~ That's all Folks!

Welcome to earth, Nina Kaimal!

Perhaps its fate that today is July 4th. For me and my wife Sreeja Kaimal, July 4th will no longer be known as an American holiday, but the day that we tag teamed to bring our first baby into this wonderful planet. We are tickled pink to have her in our life (look at her, so is she!). Welcome, baby corn - can't wait to lose sleep watching you grow up..

Date of Birth         : 4th July, 2013
Time of Birth         : 10:32 am
Weight at Birth     : 6.95 lbs (3.15 KG)
Height at Birth      : 19 3/4 inches
Location of Birth  : Emerson Hospital, Concord, MA

Harlem Shake Desi Style !

I was at a party last night and someone proposed that we do the Harlem Shake meme Desi edition :)(

The best part of the activity was recording it!! This is how it turned out :)

Also check out the "Mixer" version =))

Google Nexus 10 Review - Features, Issues and more

After a good long wait, I finally got my Nexus 10 32 GB Wi-Fi tablet day before yesterday. Here are my review comments and observations about this device. All ratings are based on comparison with the new iPad.

Design (Rating: 4/5)

Thin. I am really impressed by the thickness of this device. The 1.9 MP front facing camera is situated on the longer side of the tablet. When held horizontally with the front camera on top, the thickness tapers from top to bottom. The power and volume buttons are on the top. The stereo speakers are on either side of the shorter side. All these indicate that the device is supposed to be held horizontally for normal use. Includes a microUSB charger. It has a magnetic pogo pin charger port which I think is cool (but the charger does not come standard and has to be bought separately). It has a 3.5 mm headphone jack. One cool feature (which exists in the entire Nexus family) is the small LED located at the bottom which slowly flashes white when there is an email, …

The theory behind successful Negotiations!

I was doing my Negotiations assignment while watching "Just Go With It" with my wife on TV. Call it timing, I noticed a well executed negotiation between Bailee Madison and Adam Sandler. This is the second time I'm watching the movie ( twice!?!?, I know), but this time I could identify the "theory" behind the negotiation (thanks to my super awesome Professor Sarah Woodside - see her profile here). Searching for the clip on YouTube, I was NOT surprised to see the negotiation already been analyzed by someone else! Here's the clip and the analysis from YT.. haffun watching it.