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My favorite childhood cartoons

I have always wanted to blog about the favorite cartoon shows I used to watch with my friends/brothers/sisters when we were kids, so here goes - Back in the 90s in India, we used to get only one cartoon channel ( i knowwww ), and that was Cartoon Network . So almost all cartoon I love is from CN. Tom and Jerry: Tom and Jerry is the first cartoon of my life aired from India's national television "Doordharshan". I am almost sure there is no human being (on earth) who does not love Tom and Jerry. Watching it always brings back good old memories of togetherness and fun. I always preferred Fred Quimby s' T&J toons over Chuck Jones 's. Other characters I love: Jerry's cousin, Spike the bulldog, Butch the alley cat. He-man and the Masters of the Universe: He-man was my first childhood hero "myyyyyyyyyyy heroooooooooo ;;)" (actually he still is). We never missed a day's show, ever. That dude kicked ass. I still remember we playing he-m

Cisco Anytime Connect error "The VPN client agent has encountered an error"

Everything was working perfect until yesterday, my VPN client refused to connect to the server. I thought it was a temporary server issue until next day, I still couldn't connect. I uninstalled the client, made sure all flies got deleted, restarted my laptop (Dell Latitude E6400), re-installed the VPN client, and still no luck. I was getting the error as shown in the screenshot below. I checked my windows services (Start -> Run -> services.msc) and made sure that the Cisco Anytime Connect service is running with local system account Log On. I restarted the laptop and tried connecting again, No help. So, I raised a case with my company helpdesk. They changed the binding order of my laptop's network adapter so that the Ethernet connection (RJ-45) takes precedence over the wireless connection (See how to change the binding order ) . I went back home and tried connecting and it failed again. Weird.. what could be the problem? So again I took my laptop to the service

iPad getting smashed :)

Oh Boy! $500 iPad getting smashed on launch day. Disclaimer: This video was not taken, nor posted in Youtube by me :)

My Dad - Bio and how Yoga saved his life ::

I am always amazed by my dad's energy and drive. He is running 71 and still feels he is 18. He is a great teacher be it life, science, literature, art, history, geography, world politics, anything under the sun. When we were kids, he used to always teach us the importance of "mens sana in corpore sano", meaning a healthy mind inside a healthy body. Check out his bio in his own words. - dad, you rock!