Cisco Anytime Connect error "The VPN client agent has encountered an error"

Everything was working perfect until yesterday, my VPN client refused to connect to the server. I thought it was a temporary server issue until next day, I still couldn't connect. I uninstalled the client, made sure all flies got deleted, restarted my laptop (Dell Latitude E6400), re-installed the VPN client, and still no luck. I was getting the error as shown in the screenshot below.

I checked my windows services (Start -> Run -> services.msc) and made sure that the Cisco Anytime Connect service is running with local system account Log On. I restarted the laptop and tried connecting again, No help.

So, I raised a case with my company helpdesk. They changed the binding order of my laptop's network adapter so that the Ethernet connection (RJ-45) takes precedence over the wireless connection (See how to change the binding order) . I went back home and tried connecting and it failed again. Weird.. what could be the problem?

So again I took my laptop to the service engineer. Upon checking the 'Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client' event logs (Start -> Run -> eventvwr.msc /s), we saw a lot of errors about corruption of the message catalog:

Function: MsgCatalog::setCatalog
Return code: 0xFE000009
File: .\i18n\MsgCatalog.cpp
Line: 285
Description: unknown
The message catalog is corrupt or could not be found.

So it looks like we had some file corruption which is causing the VPN client not to connect to the server.

Hit a search on Cisco's website for VPN file corruption, and Bingo, got this page AnyConnect: Corrupt Driver Database Issue.

Did the steps mentioned in the document and SUCCESS!

My VPN client successfully connected to the server, and I worked from home happily ever after !!

Lesson Learnt: Make Google your browser home page.


  1. What steps did you take the link is broken

  2. Hey Anonymous,

    Just fixed the link (it was a missing www.). Try now, good luck!


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