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I am always amazed by my dad's energy and drive. He is running 71 and still feels he is 18. He is a great teacher be it life, science, literature, art, history, geography, world politics, anything under the sun. When we were kids, he used to always teach us the importance of "mens sana in corpore sano", meaning a healthy mind inside a healthy body. Check out his bio in his own words. - dad, you rock!

Full Name: M.K. Gopala Kaimal
Date of Birth: July 07 1939
Educational Qualifications: B.Sc, M.A, B.Ed, M.A (2), M.B.A, A.M.I.B.M (I); preparing for final year B.A.L  (Bachelor of Law) Degree Examination of Annamalai University, Chidambaram.
Occupation: (Rtd.) District Education Officer, Royal Government of Bhutan.
                        (Rtd.) Principal C.B.S.E Schools, Senior Secondary Schools in Kerala.
Languages known/spoken/read/understood: Malayalam, English, Hindi, Nepali, Bhutanese, Dzongkha, Bhumthakha, Thhangla, Tibetan, Thhoeke
Yoga – District Champion, Honored district Yoga Guru
Karate Shotokan Yokokan – Black belt
Motor cycling
Drawing, painting
Singing and Dancing
Writing articles in periodicals
Oratory and public speaking
Acting (Shakespearian plays)
Social Service:  Membership in Accident Care and Transport Service (ACTS) Thrissur, rescue of motor accident victims.
Marital Status: Married
Wife:  Hemalatha (Rtd) Professor, Department of Physics
Son:  Sanjay, civil engineering student who was forced to discontinue studies due to a near fatal accident fall in his own bedroom and now oblivious of the outside world or even his own existence. Sanjay passed away on 25th of November, 2011.
Daughter:  Dr. Sangeetha, PhD - Acarology, Teacher, Kozhikode, Kerala.
Son-in-law:  Vinod, Civil Engineer, C.P.W.D , Kozhikode, Kerala
Grandson:  Aagney,  1 yr old
Son:  Sajith, Computer Engineer, Massachusetts, USA
Daughter-in-law:  Sreeja, Computer Engineer, Massachusetts, USA

A Case study – Food for thought:
                I was compelled to return from active life and public service in the year 2006 after a near fatal and nerve shattering accident at Vallappuzha Railway Station off Shornur. I was detraining while the Nilambur Fast Passenger started moving. I lost my grip and balance while my feet struck the platform and I was sucked in between the bogie and edge of platform right on to the rail line. The hub of certain wheels struck my back throwing me close to the platform wall smashing three lumbar vertebrae and tearing flesh at the bottom. I was shocked and dazed. Nobody was around and no one saw what happened. Unaware of what happened, the train also whistled off. When I recollected my senses, I found myself lying on the side of the train track close to the platform wall. When I tried to get up, I found I am not able to lift my body. Luckily I noticed my cell phone not far. I crawled to it, got it in my grip and dialed Mr. Ibrahim, the secretary of Vallapuzha Education Society where I was Principal of the school.
                I was rushed to private hospital at Pattambi in the ambulance, wrapped up carefully not to cause any further damage. The X-Ray picture was not encouraging and I was rushed to Jubilee Mission Hospital Thrissur. The spino-cervical operation was not successful and decay set in. I was operated upon again to remove the Titanium support system put in to support my broken vertebrae. The doctors kept their fingers crossed. I was wreathing in pain from top down and my toes were not sensitive to touch.
                At this point, I was shifted to WestFort Hospital, Thrissur under the understanding and devoted care and treatment of Dr. Anto Francis and Dr. Shaji and their staff. I began to show improvement. At least what seemed to be a hopeless case began to turn the table on itself. Without metallic implants  now my spine, ribs and vertebrae began to rebuild sufficiently strength to support my body.
                Now I am almost normal and healthy. The doctor who attended me watched me recovering with disbelief. They opined that my innate body resistance, very strong will power and keeping temper cool saved me from total paralysis of the lower limbs and wanted to know the secret behind that. I boldly and emphatically told them “Regular Yoga practice” under my beloved masters Balakrishnan Pallath and Gopinath Idakkunni, my hereditary vegetarian food habits and my unflinching faith in God and his will.


  1. Simply Wonderfull!!!

  2. Quite an interesting...particularly hobbies...never came across such a dynamic person...may god bless him a long and healthy life!!

  3. Thanks for you wishes Bineesh and Umang..


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