Blur the Game - Intro to this multiplayer game on Xbox 360 Live

This is one of the best multiplayer car games I have ever played. It has amazing graphics, power ups and game play. You can collect power ups and blast / destroy other racers' cars. These are the power-ups in Blur:

Shunt is the most powerful power-up in Blur. This missile looks like a ball of fire which flips cars up into the air. It has homing capabilities so chances of a miss is very less. Shunt can be fired both forward and backwards.

 Shock fires three large electromagnetic fiends to the front. Racers in front of you will have a tough time maneuvering through them. Cars getting caught in it looses energy and gets off tracked for a moment. Beware, you could get caught in it as well! Shock cannot be fired backwards.

Bolts are straight moving fast missiles that can make other cars spin out of control. You can use bolts to destroy mines or incoming shunts. Bolts can be fired both forward and backwards.

 Mines can be thrown to the front, dropped or sent backwards. Mine spins other cars out of control. Comes pretty handy when you want to disable bolts or shunts coming your way!

Nitro gives you a power boost to your speed. It can be fired backwards for sudden braking.

Barge is a close range blast wave originating from the car in all directions that will throw nearby cars away from it. It can also be used to destroy bolts, mines and shunts.

 Shield will protect the player from all damages inflicted due to collision or incoming power-ups.

This power-up will repair car damage caused due to collisions or power-up hits.

Check out my game play of Blur car racing game on Xbox 360 live. The video quality is not that good but it was fun playing =) (you can find more clear game play videos in youtube).

The wireless controller cells ran out while I was playing, else I would have won :P
Waiting for the game release on 25th May, 2010!


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