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Reverting back to old GMail look

Today, GMail rolled out a change in their GMail UI. You can change to a newer look by clicking the "Switch to the new look" option in the bottom right corner of your GMail application. If you did not like the changes, you are not alone, at least I agree with you. Even though expanding/retracting menus look good, I liked the contrast and layout of my previous look better. In order for you to revert back to the previous look, click on the bigger gear as shown below and select Revert to the old look Temporarily. You might as well try changing the display density from Comfortable to Cozy or Compact to get a better feeling of the older GMail layout. What new changes did you like and what did you not like?

How to fix Invalid configuration for device '0' when cloning a virtual machine

In case you are stuck with this error, here is what I found. Problem - While trying to clone a virtual machine from a template or a VM (ESX 4.1), I get an "Invalid configuration for device '0' " error after the cloning was about 80% complete. Only items I changed for the VM (Edit Virtual Hardware option) were the MAC address for the NIC from Automatic to Manual and the ISO device type to "Client Device". Solution - What I did was to clone the virtual machine with the default settings and then make the required changes after it completes. Hope this helps someone!