How to fix Invalid configuration for device '0' when cloning a virtual machine

In case you are stuck with this error, here is what I found.

Problem -
While trying to clone a virtual machine from a template or a VM (ESX 4.1), I get an "Invalid configuration for device '0' " error after the cloning was about 80% complete.

Only items I changed for the VM (Edit Virtual Hardware option) were the MAC address for the NIC from Automatic to Manual and the ISO device type to "Client Device".

Solution -
What I did was to clone the virtual machine with the default settings and then make the required changes after it completes.

Hope this helps someone!


  1. I read all solutions on the web and made me scared cause i couldnt restart Networking Services on ESX or so

    you need to power off the VM with the Problem

    vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms - To list all the registered VM's on a host.

    will show list of VMs with name and VMID

    vim-cmd vmsvc/reload VMID - Re-scan & refresh the vmx file.

    power it on and it will be working

    Thank god :) that saved alot of time as I had Vcenter with Network which cant be connected to and that was really annoying

  2. I got the same error....... Thank you.. this really workssssssss...


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