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Japan like none other.

Wow, my last post was when my daughter turned 1. She turned 5 this July 4th, so here's a new one after 1.4 years. I visited Japan in May 2018 and here are few interesting views I learnt and caught on camera. Travel I have always imagined all flights to Japan going east via the Atlantic or west via the Pacific depending on the origination location. But it was surprising to me that it flew north over the Arctic! Apparently this route helps both airlines and passengers save few hours and reduce costs (less fuel). It also makes it less of a bumpy ride. [BOS] -> [PEK] -> [NRT] Saw this carpet at Narita airport that would disinfect your shoes! An idea that is simple yet effective. This could be a quick and less intrusive way for companies to reduce spread of germs on premise. Japanese roundabouts are very different from the ones I have seen in the US/other countries. The design to keep the traffic flowing smooth seems to be working. Tran